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We offer a wide variety of training courses in telecommunications, especially in microwave transmission, RF Safety (Safety Code 6), line and antenna sweep concept, broadcasting,  and in cellular systems.

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in French or English

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by Emploi Québec

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In-person in our training room or directly on your premises. Online or in a virtual classroom.

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We offer a wide range of technical training and can also meet your needs for personalised training, on-site or virtual.

Our training sessions cover all aspects of engineering and planning, as well as the use of specialised telecommunications software.

YRH is certified as a “training organization” by Emploi Québec in accordance with Law 90.

Pathloss 6 Training

The new version of Pathloss has improved significantly, allowing for the design with new radio capabilities including multiband links and carrier aggregation. Therefore, a specific course has been developed to help MW designers learn the concepts and develop a methodology to use with the Pathloss 6 software.


Online Safety Code 6 Training

This training will allow the participants to acquire a thorough understanding of the effects of RF energy on the human body, to clarify the risks associated with exposure to RF energy and to understand how the limits of exposure set by Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 relate to these risks.


Pathloss 5.1 – Microwave and Propagation

RF communication network design can be a complex and sometimes daunting task. Fortunately, engineers and technicians working on RF network planning can use software tools such as Pathloss to ensure a methodical and thorough approach to their task.


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