In a world where networks and technologies are evolving rapidly, YRH can assist you and your organization in planning, analysis, design, detailed engineering and deployment of telecommunications infrastructure and IP solutions.

The mix of technologies and specific needs of each client enables YRH teams to innovate and develop concepts to meet your design criteria and constraints.

Infrastructure and IP Solutions

Our services

Main areas of activity:

  • Communication systems and IP solutions
    • Studies and masterplan
    • IP network design
    • System configuration
    • Network architecture
    • IP adresses and routing
    • Telephone analysis and audits
    • VoIP analysis and systems
    • Wi-Fi
    • Small cells
  • In-building and cabling system
    • Structured cabling
    • In-building design
    • Communications rooms
    • Electrical systems
    • Grounding
  • Telecommunication infrastructures
    • Data centres
    • Equipment shelters
    • Equipment design
    • Electrical equipment
    • Solar panels
    • Battery systems
    • HVAC
    • Detailed engineering
  • Smart transport systems and security
    • Surveillance systems
    • Signage
    • Smart transport systems (STI)
    • Physical security for installations
    • ITS cabinet
    • Redundancy system
    • Real time system
    • Control centres
    • Risk analysis (TRA)
  • Outside networks and FTTH
    • Pathway studies
    • Candidates selection
    • Surveying
    • Communication rooms
    • Right of passage and site use negotiation
    • Partnership and condo arrangements
    • Fibre optic cable, HFC, black fibre, undersea cable, FTTH
    • Small cells
  • Electronic networks and automation
    • Studies and pre-project planning
    • Market analysis
    • System automatization
    • Control systems
    • SCADA systems
    • Arcflash conformity
    • Project management
    • Technical support
    • Smart grid

Our teams design, manage and enhance your advanced telecommunication systems in a context of reliability, durability and robustness for critical systems.

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Partial list of our recent achievements in the infrastructure and IP solutions sector.


Engineering – IP/MPLS network modernisation

IP/MPLS modernization program – Physical & logical design for multiple sites

Montreal Transit Commission (STM) and Montreal City

Telecommunications and ITS – SRB Pie-IX

Engineering and project management for the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) regarding the Rapid Transit Bus System the Pie-IX blvd


Chateauguay Bus Terminal – Intelligent Transport System and security system

Telecommunications, ITS and security system engineering for the Chateauguay Bus Terminal

Multiples clients such as STM, Seaway and mining industries

Study, design and engineering – Tunnels and complex underground systems

Study, Survey, Design, Engineering, Tests, and Measurements for Communications Systems, telecommunication room design and structured cabling system, Distribution Antenna System (DAS) and Wi-Fi for multiple clients