YRH is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has its certification from the Autorité des Marchés Publics (AMP) of Quebec.

Founded in 1967, YRH (formerly Yves R. Hamel et Associés Inc.) is located in Montreal, Canada. Free of any commercial affiliation, we operate with complete professional independence.

Our team of professionals provide objective recommendations based exclusively on state-of-the-art engineering practices and the best interests of our customers.

Plan, Design, Manage, Test, Train

YRH’s expertise is in telecommunications, wireless
communications, outside plant and FTTH and broadcasting.

Primarily in wireless systems (cellular, 4G/5G, LTE+/LTE-NR, radio communication, APCO 25, Tetra, Wi-Fi, small cells, broadcasting systems, mobile and fixed radio systems), microwave, in-building design (DAS), Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 compliance, Internet of Things (IoT), telecommunication infrastructure, power and telecommunication equipment design, computer networks, IP phone systems, FTTH, outside plant and fibre optics.

We work, plan and design for and with telecommunications and cable operators, as well as critical infrastructure organizations such as electrical utilities, railways and mining industries, municipalities as well as government and transport transit authorities.

Whether for increased workload, niche services or non-traditional projects, YRH offers technical assistance and specialized expertise, from feasibility studies to detailed engineering, as well project management in a highly competitive and innovative market.

Combining experience and innovation, our engineers and specialists are dedicated to the success of telecommunication projects, YOUR projects.

Management team and shareholders

Our team

Our team distinguishes itself by its capacity for innovation and leadership in varied and complex environments.

The management and shareholder team is composed mainly of engineers and technicians with a varied background and expertise in wireless communications and telecommunications.

Maurice Beauséjour

President and CEO

Graduated in 1983 from l’École Polytechnique de Montréal, and having completed a Master degree in telecommunications at the INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique) in 1988, Mr. Maurice Beausejour has acquired expertise in many aspects of RF engineering. He has designed numerous microwave transmission systems, broadcasting systems and/or complex cellular networks. He is also called upon to solve RF interference cases or to supervise the deployment of complex wireless radio networks. He has been a member of YRH since 1990 and is acting as president and Chief Operating Officer.

Joseph Sadoun

Engineering Director
Wireless Communications Division and Project Manager

Graduated in 1997 from l’École Polytechnique de Montréal, Mr. Joseph Sadoun is specialized in numerous aspects of RF engineering and wireless communications. He has been a member of the firm since 2000. He is, since 2010, the Engineering Manager of the Wireless Communications division and his main role is to act as the Project Manager for major projects. He manages, designs and participates in the deployment of wireless communications systems for a number of cellular operators from in-building and DAS systems to full-sized macro sites. He also has a role in the broadcasting industry as he is the president of the Canadian Association of Broadcast Consultants (since 2007) and is an expert in the preparation of Engineering Briefs and interfacing with Industry Canada and the CRTC on broadcasting and wireless issues. M. Sadoun is one of the shareholders of YRH.

Michel Robitaille

Engineering Director
Infrastructure and IP Solutions Division and Project Manager

Graduated in 1988 from l’École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS), Mr. Michel Robitaille is an experienced manager. He values teamwork and his focus is on obtaining results with high quality and efficiency. He has more than 24 years of engineering experience on various aspects of telecommunication infrastructures. He joined YRH in 2013 and is the Engineering Manager of the Infrastructure and IP Solutions Division and has a Project Manager role. As a Project Manager, he has been able to acquire a solid background in the field of telecommunications with expertise in the design and implementation of telecommunication infrastructures such as fibre optics networks, switches and structured cabling systems for data networking and telephony. M. Robitaille is one of the shareholders of YRH.

Annik Geoffroy

B. Adm.
Administration and HR

Annik Geoffroy joined YRH in 1987. She manages the Administration and Human Resources department of the firm. She manages all HR aspects required in the firm, manages and supervises the accounting division and she is also the guardian of YRH’s values as well as the one ensuring that our engineering teams work within the requirements of their code and within the laws of the profession. Finally, she is responsible for developing our specialized telecommunications training program for YRH’s external clients.

Michel Famery

Senior Advisor and Director – Special Projects

A graduate of École Polytechnique de Montréal in 1988 and a graduate in engineering and development project management from HEC and École Polytechnique in 1992, Mr. Michel Famery is a unifying leader, focused on quality, innovation and teamwork. He joined YRH in 2013. He currently acts as a project manager and senior consultant in telecommunications and new technologies. He has conducted several feasibility and opportunity studies, mainly in the areas of fibre optic networks, FTTH, wireless communication, high-speed internet, multimedia and new technologies, intelligent transportation systems, smart grids and renewable energy.

Filomeno Pepe

Assistant Director and Project Manager
Wireless Communications Division

A graduate of McGill University in 2005, Mr. Filomeno Pepe specializes in telecommunications and wireless communications. He joined YRH in 2005. Since 2020, he has been an assistant director of the wireless communications division. He is involved in the preparation of engineering documents specific to the design and deployment of telecommunications sites. Mr. Pepe specializes in MW network design and is regularly called upon to give Pathloss 5 training internationally. He is particularly active with cellular operators, indigenous communities, critical infrastructure such as mining and rail, among others in 5G, LTE-P, IoT, and Industry 4.0 networks. Mr. Pepe is one of the shareholders of YRH.

Étienne Leroux

Assistant Director
Infrastructure and IP Solutions Division and Project Manager

A graduate of École de technologie supérieure in 2004, Mr. Étienne Leroux specializes in telecommunications and wireless communications. He joined YRH in 2006. Since 2020, he has been an assistant director of the Infrastructure and IP Solutions Division. He is involved in the design and implementation of wireless communication systems, infrastructure and IP communication. He is also involved in microwave and radio communication studies, Wi-Fi and distributed antenna systems (DAS). Mr. Leroux is one of the shareholders of YRH.

Alexis Langlois

Technical and IT Director
Wireless Communications Division and Project Manager

Graduated in 1996, Mr. Alexis Langlois is specialized in telecommunications and wireless systems. He joined YRH in 1998, having worked on various international and regional mandates. His expertise has led him to participate in various projects in microwave, radio and broadcasting systems. Since 2020, he is the director of the technical and IT department. He supervises and participates in the company’s various technical mandates, including system testing and certification. He is also one of our telecommunication trainers. Mr. Langlois is one of the shareholders of YRH.

René Morissette

Engineering Director
FTTH and Outside Plants – Project Manager

A graduate of the University of Sherbrooke in electrical engineering, telecommunications option, in 1992, Mr. René Morissette is an experienced manager, unifier, focused on quality and teamwork. He joined YRH in 2021 as Director of Engineering for the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) and Outdoor Networks division. He has acquired solid expertise in the field of telecommunications, outside plant and FTTH as a project manager. He has also written various standards and technical guides, cost and feasibility studies, specifications and technical reports for the realization of several projects. Throughout his career as an engineer, project manager and department head, he has worked in telecommunications, electrical distribution, outside plant and FTTH networks, for most of the major Canadian telecommunications companies across Canada and for critical infrastructure companies such as Hydro-Québec, various telecommunications companies, public companies (MRCs, municipalities, ministries, school boards) or private companies (Native communities, Rio Tinto, etc.). M. Morissette is one of the shareholders of YRH.

Engineering on a human scale

Since its creation, YRH has always put forward that its best and most important assets are the professionalism of its employees and the diversity of its clients.

Indeed, each of our employees plays a significant role in YRH’s success by their capacity to communicate clearly complex engineering ideas, by posing professional acts that respect our clients and the public ethically and professionally. Furthermore, their intelligence and innovation is put into the delivery of the projects mandated to YRH for each of our clients in order to meet their specific requirements.

In addition to these intrinsic values, YRH values team work amongst our employees as well as with our clients. This is the best way to achieve the most efficient solution to an engineering problem and stimulates innovation in the completion of our mandates.

These values are YRH’s driving force and it pushes us and our clients to create a dynamic work environment which is also calm and positive as it is based on respect, collegiality and innovative design.

Historic facts


An engineer,
an entrepreneur,
a visionary

After many years as an engineer for the CBC and as the engineering manager of CKTM-TV (the first TV station of what will later become Cogeco), Mr. Hamel decided to open his own broadcast engineering consultation firm. This is how YRH was founded on April 1, 1967 by Yves Ringuet Hamel, engineer.

Since 1967, YRH has given valuable engineering service to a large number of broadcasters throughout in Canada and across the world.

The 80s

Cellular networks,
microwave transmission and
wireless communications

At the start of the 80s, the first cellular networks began to take shape and are deployed, That is when YRH entered its second phase of expansion. With the successive arrival of two key partners, François Hamel and Maurice Beauséjour, both wireless telecommunications engineers, allows YRH to continue the work of its founder, Yves R. Hamel and to offer new consultation services to the global wireless telecommunications industry and cellular operators.

The 90s

Wireless telecommunications: an international opportunity

As cellular networks were becoming increasingly omnipresent, in Canada and on a global scale.

That period was for YRH a time of geometric growth, when its name became a Canadian staple for many wireless endeavours. These opportunities allowed YRH to work with international partners and clients.

Over the years YRH has contributed to wireless projects in more than 50 countries and is still doing so today.

The 2000s

Network simulation

Since the advent of high-speed wireless communications systems and the advent of the Internet, technologies and systems have evolved rapidly. In 2013, to meet all the requirements of these rapid changes YRH decided to add a new division to its portfolio of services. This new division, telecommunications infrastructure, FTTH, and IP solutions, will complement the wireless communications division.

The 2010s

Still more bandwidth!

Since the advent of high-speed wireless communications systems and the advent of the Internet, technologies and systems have evolved rapidly. In 2013, to meet all the requirements of these rapid changes YRH decided to add a new division to its portfolio of services. This new division, telecommunications infrastructure, FTTH, and IP solutions, will complement the wireless communications division.

The 2020s

High-speed Internet,
Industry 4.0 and 5G

The need for higher transmission capacity and reliable networks is increasingly important and strategic for our modern society. YRH is actively involved in the design and deployment of robust solutions in Canada and globally. These needs are reflected in the modernization and automation of large industry operations, mining, and the deployment of FTTH, DAS, ITS, IoT, LTE and 5G networks.


Its engineering teams have successfully completed projects in more than 50 countries from specialized training, varied telecommunication projects from the simplest to the most complex. The following is a partial list of locations where YRH has been called upon to contribute with its telecommunications engineering know-how.

North America and the Caribbeans

  • Canada
  • Barbados
  • Mexico
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Turks and Caicos Islands

South America

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Venezuela
  • Peru


  • Hungary
  • Sweden
  • Italia
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic

Asia and Oceania

  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • South Korea
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand


  • Angola
  • Mali
  • Ethiopia
  • Morocco
  • Guinea
  • Nigeria
  • Burkina Faso
  • Rwanda
  • Tunisia
  • Senegal
  • Republic of Benin

Our customers

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the clients we have had the privilege of working with over the years.

Electrical Utilities and Renewable energy

  • Hydro-Quebec
  • Hydro-One
  • NB Power
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • EDF
  • Kruger
  • RES
  • PESCA Environnement
  • etc

Telcos & Cablos

  • Bell
  • Rogers
  • Telus
  • Videotron
  • Cogeco
  • Wind mobile
  • Bell Aliant
  • ThunderBav Tel
  • Sogetel
  • etc

Government, Engineering, Contractors, Integrators

  • Nav Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • Industry Canada
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • CRTC
  • VOCA
  • Quebec (various departments, Transport Quebec & CSPQ/DGRT)
  • Ontario
  • Nouveau-Brunswick
  • Montreal
  • Longueuil
  • Repentigny
  • Rimouski
  • St-Jerome
  • Magog
  • Grande Prairie
  • CUSM
  • Ste-Justine & Royal Victoria hospitals
  • Various School Boards
  • Lucent/Alcatel
  • Ericsson
  • Harris
  • Alstom
  • Thales
  • Telecon
  • Arno
  • Madysta
  • Westower
  • etc

Railway & Maritime Transportation, Public Transport

  • AMT
  • STM
  • Quebec Airport
  • CN
  • etc


  • Hundreds of private stations from coast to coast
  • Radio-Canada
  • TVA
  • TVO
  • Tele-Quebec
  • RNC Media
  • Tele Inter-Rives
  • Cogeco
  • Radio Sirius/XM radio
  • etc


Partial list of our recent achievements in all of our areas of expertise.

Montreal Transit Commission (STM) and Montreal City

Telecommunications and ITS – SRB Pie-IX

Engineering and project management for the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) regarding the Rapid Transit Bus System the Pie-IX blvd

Bell Mobility Cellular (BMC)

Engineering – Bell Centre – 5G DAS

Engineering, tests, and measurements for the 5G deployment Distribution Antenna System (DAS) at the Bell Complex Center in Montreal

Kativik Regional Group

Planning and FTTH engineering – KRG 14 Inuit Villages

Studies, planning, business case, cost evaluation, surveys, design, permit management, project management and site supervision for the FTTH deployment in Northern Quebec for the 14 Inuit villages

Environmental consulting businesses

Wind farm impact studies (Telecommunication aspect)

Realize impact studies on telecommunication systems environment during implementation of wind farms

Multiple telcos and different government or industrial clients across Canada

Code 6 studies, measurements, and reports across Canada

Studies, simulations, measurements, conformity reports, mitigation solutions related to the Code 6 EMF standard issued by Health and Safety Canada