YRH has all the expertise to help you implement your projects in broadcasting.

Whether you require a technical pre-feasibility study, a channel search or optimizing an existing station, the preparation of a technical brief, or representation with innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) or Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), YRH is there to help you.


Our services

YRH assists broadcast companies in the following areas:

  • Technical brief preparation
  • Map coverage
  • Station start-up or modernization
  • Spectrum or frequency analysis
  • Spectrum or frequency optimization
  • Impact and electromagnetic field measurements
  • Tender documents preparation and assistance
  • Performance measurements and testing
  • Technical assistance
  • Safety Code 6 compliance
  • Type Approvals
  • Project management
  • Broadcasting and Telecommunications sites Maintenance
  • Telemetry and remote monitoring
  • Intensity/quality/interference signal measurements
  • Equipment upgrade and installation
  • Staff support and back-up team
  • Custom projects

YRH is a team of engineers and technicians who have the best tools to design, maintain and improve your critical systems.


Partial list of our recent achievements in the broadcasting sector.

Various FM and TV broadcasters

Transmitter installation and maintenance

Carry out preventive maintenance and repairs, install new sites, repair studio equipment

Radiocommunication site owners, FM and TV broadcasters

Site control and monitoring, telemetry

Design, integrate and implement remote monitoring and control systems for various equipment. (SNMP, ModBus and MQTT protocols, etc.)

RIO and Télé-Québec

Planning, Design, Expertise

Antenna relocation work on top of the Olympic Stadium roof, including planning the work sequence, replacing the coaxial and rigid transmission line, supervision, and measurements

Various FM and TV broadcasters

Technical briefs

Coverage maps, channel and spectrum optimization, technical brief preparation, CRTC and ISED submission