Safety Code 6

Online training

The objective of the training

This training will allow the participants to acquire a thorough understanding of the effects of RF energy on the human body, to clarify the risks associated with exposure to RF energy and to understand how the limits of exposure set by Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 relate to these risks.

Who is the training for?

This basic training is intended for personnel working in close proximity to antennas, with little or no specific knowledge of RF systems and electromagnetic radiation, such as tower crews, specialized technicians and engineers, tower inspectors, construction or rooftop HVAC maintenance workers or anyone working on a building’s roof.

Training Stage

  • The classroom will remain open for 3 months following the date of purchase. However, each participant has 30 days to complete the training once they have begun.
  • Each participant has their own 30 days to complete their training, regardless of the number of seats per class;
  • Each participant will view their presentation online and answer review questions at the end of each section;
  • The course lasts approximately 1 hour, depending on the learner’s pace;
  • A final test must be successfully completed for a certificate to be issued to you;
  • The certificate and competency card are valid for 2 years and will be issued after the last participant in your class has obtained their certificate.

Benefits of Online Training

  • Online training allows users to complete the course easily and at their own pace.
  • No prior knowledge is required.
  • Available in both French and English.
  • No minimum number of participants, we offer special prices for groups and individual participants.

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Online Safety Code 6 Training