Pathloss 6

Pathloss: Microwave and Propagation

The new version of Pathloss has improved significantly, allowing for the design with new radio capabilities including multiband links and carrier aggregation. Therefore, a specific course has been developed to help MW designers learn the concepts and develop a methodology to use with the Pathloss 6 software.

This training covers all aspects of Pathloss 6; therefore, there are several objectives. First, it aims at creating a solid background of knowledge in the field of microwave theory. Second, it builds on that knowledge with the specifics of PTP design using the Pathloss software. Third, PTMP and coverage applications in the Land Mobile (P25, Tetra…) frequencies as well as higher frequency applications will be discussed. Finally, the improvements in modern day radio capabilities are now reflected in Pathloss 6: multiband links will be created and carrier aggregation with adaptive modulation radios will be analyzed. Pathloss 6 also incorporates the latest ITU Rain and Multipath Algorithms, and Atmospheric Absorption statistics.

Microwave theory covers topics such as the basics of microwave communications systems, propagation, RF design methods and procedures. Software operation sections of the training cover a variety of topics, ranging from software installation and upgrade to a module-by-module study and network designs and operations such as automatic PTP design with multiband and carrier aggregation, XPIC, space diversity over water, PTMP and coverage.

Here are the available training packages

Note that a session consists of 4 hours including breaks with a trained professional instructor on a virtual platform like Zoom or MS Teams. The instructor can also come to your office to provide a one week intensive training (PL6-06).

Theory (PL6-00)

2 sessions

Basic Operations, Point-to-multipoint (PTMP) and coverage (PL6-01)

6 sessions

Theory, Basic Operations, Point-to-multipoint (PTMP) and coverage (PL6-02)

8 sessions

Basic Operations, Point-to-point (PTP) (PL6-03)

7 sessions

Theory, Basic Operations and Point-to-point (PTP) (PL6-04)

9 sessions

Theory, Basic Operations, PTP, PTMP and coverage (PL6-05)

11 sessions

Theory, Basic Operations, PTP, PTMP and coverage (PL6-06)

1 semaine intensive*

Available sessions

Training course only available in English

Theory: September 10-11, 2024

2 sessions x 4 hrs
1pm to 5pm EDT

Basic Operations: September 12-13-17-18, 2024

4 sessions x 4 hrs
1pm to 5pm EDT

PTP: September 19-20-24, 2024

3 sessions x 4 hrs
1pm to 5pm EDT

PTMP: September 25-26, 2024

2 sessions x 4 hrs
1pm to 5pm EDT

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