YRH would like to highlight the joint initiative of the governments of Québec and Canada

Posted on November 17, 2023

Press Release

Montréal, November 17, 2023 – YRH Inc. would like to congratulate its client, Eeyou Mobility Inc (EMI), on receiving $57 million in funding from the governments of Québec and Canada for its project to develop, deploy and operate a 4G-LTE mobile voice and broadband network to serve the Eeyou Itschee and James Bay region.

Following the announcement on November 15, YRH would like to highlight the joint initiative of the governments of Québec and Canada to add the necessary funds to enable the various communities in the Eeyou Itschee and James Bay region to have access to modern wireless communications. YRH is proud to contribute to the success of the project by assisting EMI in the management, planning, and deployment of the network. YRH and EMI are working closely with local communities, organizations and companies specializing in telecommunications and autonomous sites to innovate and deploy a quality network, and to create lasting socio-economic benefits.


“Eeyou Mobility Inc. is very enthusiastic to be given the opportunity to provide this much-needed service to the people of Eeyou Istchee and Baie-James. As we have completed the deployment of the service in all the communities of the region, the missing piece of the puzzle remained the coverage of the various roads of the region. The extensive cellular infrastructure we are deploying along the roads will greatly improve accessibility and safety for those living and travelling in the region, and improve the performance and reach of business operations and government services throughout Northern Québec. We are thankful to the governments of Québec and Canada in supporting this essential initiative.”

Henry Gull, president of Eeyou Mobility

To find out more about the announcement by the provincial and federal governments, click here:  https://www.canada.ca/en/office-infrastructure/news/2023/11/the-governments-of-canada-and-quebec-invest-nearly-57-million-in-cellular-coverage-for-eeyou-istchee-james-bay-region.html

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