Happy Birthday YRH

Dear colleagues, employees, business partners and clients,

In this April 1st 2020, we wish all together a good and strong 53rd birthday to YRH Inc.!

YRH was founded in April 1st 1967 by Yves Ringuet Hamel, Professional Engineer specialized in radiofrequency, wireless systems and broadcasting, and he was also the father of our last president, François Hamel, P. Eng.

More than ever in the context of this terrible worldwide pandemic, let’s celebrate together celebrate this moment in YRH history and Canadian telecommunications.

Let’s strive together in this storm and live many more YRH birthdays !

Together let’s start this 54th year more stronger than ever in the pursuit of planning, designing, managing, and training in the wonderful world of telecommunications.

Happy Birthday YRH and to everyone in the telecommunication community!

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Let’s have an Update About COVID-19

Dear customers, partners, suppliers

For the well-being and safety of our employees during these precarious times, YRH has implemented a teleworking policy.

You can reach us by all the usual means (email, telephone, videoconferencing, etc.), but it may be possible that we will be going through a short period of adjustment and that our operations may be slowed down during the implementation of this policy.

We are following developments very closely and will contact you to advise of any changes to our operations.

Rest assured that during this period, YRH will maintain its high quality standards and will honour all its commitments to support its clients in their projects.

Thank you for your usual cooperation and understanding,
The YRH Team.


Safety Code 6 training

The objective of the training

This training is to impart thorough understanding of the interactions of RF energy with the human body, to demystify the associated health risks and to position these risks relative to Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 exposure limits. Our training is specific to Health Canada’s radiofrequency exposure guidelines.

Who are the trainings for?

Basic Training is intended for personnel working in close proximity with antennas, with little or no specific knowledge of RF systems and electromagnetic radiation, such as tower crews, inspectors, construction or rooftop HVAC maintenance workers or anyone working on a building roof.

Advanced Training it is intended for workers who already have some knowledge of RF systems such as engineers and specialized technicians. But also to professionals in the field of health, public safety and occupational safety.

Training offered

Training in our classroom – (NOT AVAILABLE)

Safety Code 6 on RF site – Basic training (riggers)


Safety Code 6 on RF site – Advanced training


To register, individually or as a group, do not hesitate to contact us training@yrh.com

Agnieszka Zubek, Eng., speaker on the next STAC 2016

We are proud to inform you that our Safety Code 6 specialist and trainer, Mrs. Agnieszka Zubek, Eng., will act as a speaker on the next STAC 2016 – Conference & Exhibition, which will be held on April 11-12, at the International Plaza Hotel in Toronto.

For more information: https://www.stacouncil.ca/

Pathloss 5.1 Training- Microwave and propagation

Pathloss : Microwave and Propagation

RF communication network design can be a complex and sometimes daunting task. Fortunately, engineers and technicians working on RF network planning can use software tools such as Pathloss to ensure a methodical and thorough approach to their task.

The Pathloss program is a state-of-the-art comprehensive path design tool for networks operating in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 100 GHz. Designed for use throughout the world with diverse equipment and wide-ranging atmospheric conditions, Pathloss uses a variety of terrain and clutter databases, equipment files and local weather files to design and model microwave systems..

The objective of the training

Who are the trainings for?

This Pathloss training is specifically aimed to RF engineers and experienced RF technicians having some basic notions about microwave propagation.

Trainings offered

Training in our classroom (NOT AVAILABLE)


For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at training@yrh.com

Corporate Profile

New career opportunities

Please have a look on the job descrpition

Industry Canada: New licensing framework and license renewal process

Industry Canada just launched, in June 2014, a consultation process for a New Licensing Framework and License Renewal Process for the 24, 28 and 38 GHz Bands. To learn more about it, please visit:


Telecommunication technician – Intermediary

YRH, a dynamic telecommunications and broadcasting engineering consulting firm, is looking for dedicated, determined team-players for full-time position at the Montreal office or on the premises of some of our clients. YRH is an equal-opportunity employer and invites all qualified persons to apply for this position.

Work location: Montreal
Permanent position

Education level: DSC (Diploma of Collegial Studies) or DPS (Diploma of professional studies)
Specialization: Telecommunications

Tasks and responsibilities: We are looking for candidates who are experienced in handling test equipment such as spectrum analyzers, passive intermodulation test device (“PIM testing”), frequency scanning test sets (“sweep testing”) and OTDR.

In addition, the candidate will provide technical support to the various members of the team and will thereby significantly contribute to the realization of different projects in the field. Among such opportunities would be work in the detailed engineering group, particularly in structured cabling, IP technologies, optoelectronic devices, external network technologies “fiber to the home” (FTTH), design of telecommunication equipment rooms, etc.


Under the supervision of engineering director or senior technician, you will be responsible for:



The candidate will have at least 5 to 12 years of relevant experience in telecommunications field.

A college degree in electrical engineering with a specialization in telecommunications, excellent skills in unsupervised work and a good capacity for teamwork are essential.

General knowledge of various wireless telecommunications systems and related wireless and cellular industry standards is required.