A Year Has Passed Already!

The new year is a time to pause and look back on the year that just ended while thinking of the road ahead. Despite the many challenges both on a global and a personal scale, Yves R. Hamel and Associés Inc. (YRH) is pleased to conclude that this year of transition has been a positive one after all.

One year ago, on February 1st, 2020…

A year ago, Mr. François Hamel left the presidency of YRH after 35 exciting years with the company to become a strategic advisor and now focusses on personal and professional event management projects. Best of luck and thank you François for these wonderful years!

A year ago, Mr. Maurice Beauséjour rose to the challenge of being the first president not to bear the name Hamel since the company’s creation in 1967. Throughout this unusual year, he successfully led the company and helped it meet the many challenges along the way. Congratulations to Maurice on his first year as President!

A year ago, Mr. Filomeno Pepe celebrated his first anniversary as a partner, opening the door to a new generation. Congratulations on your second year as partner!

A year ago, two long-time employees of the organization were made partners. Mr. Alexis Langlois and Mr. Étienne Leroux, congratulations on your first year as partners!

Over the past year, despite the circumstances and economic uncertainty, several new employees dared to make the leap and join the YRH team. Welcome home to Julie, Étienne, Marneta, Christian, Catherine, André, Régis, Alain, Éric, Karl and Nelson!

Over the past year, YRH and its employees have been able to adapt to this new reality by transforming their work methods and processes. Thanks to the strength of its staff and the team spirit that everyone nurtured despite the distance, YRH has maintained the quality of its expertise and was able to reach its goals. To all our employees, thank you and congratulations for your commitment through this unusual year!

To all our partners, suppliers and customers, thank you for being there throughout this tumultuous year, for supporting us and for helping us better ourselves day after day!

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Press release – YRH writes another page of history and marks a milestone event

Press Release YRH – January 23 2020_ENMontréal, January 23 2020 – Yves R. Hamel et Associés Inc. (YRH), one the most important engineering firm specialized in telecommunications, broadcasting and wireless communications in Canada, is happy to announced that starting February 1st, 2020, a new chapter in its history will begin.

After more than 35 years with the company and 25 years as acting president of YRH, François Hamel will leave his post to pursue new challenges. He will be succeeded by his long-time business partner, Maurice Beauséjour, who will become YRH’s president and CEO, effective February 1st.

In the wake of this important event and to ensure continuity of its management team, YRH is proud to announce the arrival of two new shareholders: Étienne Leroux and Alexis Langlois. Both have been employees for many years and have contributed to the reputation and successes of our company across Canada.

It is with great emotion and a feeling of accomplishment that Mr. Hamel stated:

« Dear employees, colleagues, partners, and clients,

After more than 35 years filled with many memories and great realisations, it is now time for me to move on to other challenges and new adventures.

I am pleased to announce that I will pass the reins of YRH to my friend, colleague and business partner, Maurice Beausejour, who will become the new president and CEO.  

Maurice and I have always made a solid team, relying on each other’s strengths. This collaboration has allowed YRH to become a leader in the telecom engineering industry. I am extremely confident that this success will continue under his guidance.

Furthermore, I am pleased to announce the arrival of 2 new shareholders, Étienne Leroux and Alexis Langlois. Both are long time employees of the firm who have always contributed to YRH’s successes.

Finally, I wish to thank you all, employees, partners and clients, for the numerous and wonderful projects we have successfully accomplish together over the years. These projects gave us the chance to build our expertise and achieve a reputation as leaders of the telecommunications engineering industry.





In the name of my colleagues and myself, I wish Maurice the best success in his new position as president of YRH and in the continuation of this great adventure. »

Maurice Beauséjour, current vice-president operations at YRH and president and CEO as of February 1st:

 « It is with pride and emotion that I accept to step into this new role and take François’ place as president and CEO.

Rest assured that we will maintain the same level of quality, expertise and innovation that made the reputation of our firm across Canada. We will continue to build on the strengths of our employees to serve our clients in broadcasting, wireless communications and telecommunications.

I am also pleased to confirm that François will remain close to YRH as Strategic Advisor to ensure a smooth transition and I wish him success in his new endeavors. »

This transition arrives at a period of tremendous changes in the telecommunications market, with the arrival and pursuit of the 5G, IoT, Big Data, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), cybersecurity, FTTH and High Speed Internet networks. The future of YRH and the Telecom Market is more dynamic than ever.


François Hamel and Maurice Beauséjour


About Yves R. Hamel et Associés Inc. (YRH): Founded in 1967, YRH is a Canadian consulting-engineering firm specialised in broadcasting, wireless networks and telecommunications. Headquartered in Montreal, the firm consists of a team of dedicated Engineers and specialists. YRH undertakes projects all across Canada and is dedicated to solving complex and challenging technological problems. For more than 50 years, YRH has successfully carried out projects in over 50 countries and across 5 continents, under extreme conditions and varied locations. For additional information, visit www.yrh.com


Contact: Annik Geoffroy, Manager – Administration division, YRH (514) 934-3024 ext. 211


YRH in the news!

Recently, Joseph Sadoun was called as an expert-witness by the Court in a murder case implying the use of a cell phone in the region of Saint John, New Brunswick. To learn more about it, please click on the following link (article from CBC News).

Procès Oland: un témoin expert remet en doute la thèse de la défense (acadienouvelle.com)

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Quebec Connected!

New!!!  September 2018 – Quebec Province Connected – TThe project to install fiber optics in rural areas, for which the Drummond RCM has made a loan of $ 31.2 million, is now on track, but the first connections will not be made until 2020.

YRH and the firm 3CF Télécom de laval have been retained for the execution of this mandate

To learn more about it, please visit:  gst.nsf/eng/h_sf10939.htmlhttp://www.journalexpress.ca/actualite/mrc-drummond-la-fibre-optique-en-milieu-rural-arrivera-en-2020/


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Industry Canada: New licensing framework and license renewal process

Industry Canada just launched, in June 2014, a consultation process for a New Licensing Framework and License Renewal Process for the 24, 28 and 38 GHz Bands. To learn more about it, please visit: