Yves R. Hamel & Associes Inc.

An engineering firm dedicated to radio communication and telecommunication projects

YRH’s expertise is in telecommunications and broadcasting, primarily in wireless systems (cellular, PCS, 3G, 4G, LTE, radio communication, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, broadcasting systems, mobile and fixed radio systems), microwave, in-building design, Code 6 compliance, telecommunication infrastructures, power and telecommunication equipment design, computer network, IP phones, FTTH and fibre optics.

Did you know?

    YRH obtained its approval from the AMF allowing it to contract/sub-contract with a public body »

    YRH certified ISO 9001:2008 »

    YRH realises, evaluates and measures more than 1000 studies on Code 6 conformity »

    YRH has realised telecommunications projects in more than 50 countries on 5 continents »

    YRH plans and designs more than 500 microwave links per year for its clients »

    In the renewable energy sector, YRH advises wind developers in various stages of deployment »

Current affairs

    New! YRH now offers online safety code 6 basic training »

    Today, April 1st, YRH celebrates its 49 years of existence! »

    Deemed transfer of Spectrum licences held by WIND Mobile Corp. to 1503357 Alberta Ltd. following a change of ownership »

    Subordinate Licences for Spectrum held by Rogers Communications Partnership to Videotron G.P. »

    YRH in the news! »

    Auction of spectrum licences for Broadband Radio Service (BRS) – 2500 MHz Band »

    New careers opportunity opening at YRH »

    Industry Canada announced its new Standard Radio System Plan SRSP-517 »

    Industry Canada launched a consultation process for a New Licensing Framework and License Renewal Process for the 24, 28 and 38 GHz Bands »


Wireless Communications

Mobile communications are everywhere and spectrum management is getting more complex every day: our experts are there for you.


Since 1967, Yves R. Hamel & Associes Inc. (YRH) assists multiple businesses like yours in broadcasting. Annually, YRH realizes hundreds of projects for clients in Canada and globally.

Infrastructure and IP solutions

YRH assists you with analysis and deployment of IP solutions, outside plant networks and FTTH, intelligent transport systems, cabling systems and security, data center, ...

In-building design - DAS and Wi-Fi

Our in-building engineers are using the best tools on the market to bring you the most complete solutions for in-building coverage.

Safety Code 6

YRH provides multiple elements to help you achieve Safety Code 6 compliance: surveys, antenna position redesign, EMF simulation, pre-installation assessment and mitigation solutions research.


YRH offers training courses for a variety of wireless telecommunication systems, notably microwave transmission, radio broadcasting...